What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring for your adventure is:

We would advise you to pack light as there is limited storage space.

Am I allowed to go abroad?

Yes, it is possible to take our vans to Europe,please call us first to discuss this option.

What if we breakdown?

In the unlikely event that you should breakdown all our vans have full AA coverage. Details will be in your on-board information pack on how to contact them. You will also find a set of jump leads on-board your van as this is the most common cause of vehicles breaking down.

Should your vehicle breakdown we will aim to replace your vehicle with another like it however if this is not possible a full refund for the remaining days will be issued.

What if I crash/damage the vehicle?

Please look at your on-board information pack for all details but most importantly please notify us of any damage done to the vehicle as soon as possible, we would rather be prepared to deal with any damage on your return then find it after you have left us and please make sure you get insurance details of any third party involved.

How old do I need to be to drive your camper vans?

Our insurance limits us to drivers between the ages of 25 and 70

Who can drive the camper?

You need to have held a FULL UK or EU licence for 2 years, if your licence is from elsewhere in the world we can usually accommodate you just please call us first to check. 2 named drivers can drive the camper at no extra cost, should anyone else want to drive the camper then there will be an extra charge. Each person who will be driving the camper will need to bring with them their photocard driving licence,. A DVLA licence summary check code, Photo ID, in the form of their passport as well as 2 other proof of address less than 2 months old ie, a utility bill, bank statement, payslip etc.

Is there a limited mileage?

No, the mileage is unlimited however you need to take into consideration that classic VW campervans are relatively slow compared to a modern car. Realistically you can only get so far in a day, and you need to leave enough time to return to us by the end of your rental.

What’s it like to drive a VW campervan

Our Vdubs are classic vehicles, it is not like driving a modern car. To begin with they are slow, we would recommend not going over 60 mph so plan your journeys with this in mind, take it slow and enjoy the ride. They are much more suited to bumbling along country roads then cruising in the slow lane of the motorway, plus it’s so much prettier!

They do take a bit of getting used to, there is no power steering and the brakes just aren’t the same as your modern day car however they are perfectly safe and once you get the hang of it they are great fun to drive. When you get to us we will be happy to take you out for a drive and give you a few pointers before you set off on your adventure should you wish.

Are dogs allowed

Yes our vans like nothing more than having a well behaved dog on board but please give us a call first and let us know.

Does the insurance cover our personal belongings?

No, we advise that you take out your own travel insurance to cover your personal belongings.

Where can we leave our car?

We have parking for customer’s cars at our place and you are welcome to leave your cars with us at no charge, they will be behind a large locked gate however they are left at your own risk.

Can you pick us up?

We can arrange to pick you up from either Gatwick airport or our nearest train station which is Horsham which is directly linked from Victoria

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